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Heather Smolka
Heather Smolka
2 years ago

Hi to Yolanda, Livio, and the rest of the family. My thoughts are with you today. I would have loved to be there in person but glad that John could make it and I can be there in cyberspace.

Kevin Orfanelli
Kevin Orfanelli
1 year ago
Reply to  Heather Smolka

Thankyou Heather. [I’ve just noticed your online message.]
It was a very beautiful & fitting funeral service for dad — thankfully, more like a memorial tribute & celebration of his life that we were all fortunate & blessed enough to share, especially in his immediate family.
We were also very lucky with a fine-weather day, unlike many other days in Melbourne’s particularly long & bitter winter this year.
It was a wonderful surprise & pleasure to see John on the day & several days afterwards — very considerate of him for the entire family, of course !
Understandably, air travel is a big effort & costly at the best of times, but especially now during the global Covid pandemic era.
John said you & he may both visit Australia later this year, or maybe even return to Australia sometime not-too-distant in the future. Whatever the circumstances, it would be great to see you then.
I hope you & all the children are well — John certainly said you & all the family are well & contented when he visited late July.
Best Wishes Always.
Sincerely, Kevin Orfanelli xo
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