Evangelia Tolis

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Sany Tzevakos
Sany Tzevakos
1 year ago

I still see your face before me
Your voice I long to hear ..
I miss and love you dearly,
God knows, I wish, you were here.
Tears fall freely from my eyes,
like a river, filled with grief.
My only comfort now, is that,
From pain, you’ve found relief.

Love you dearly & will cherish our moments together.

You left a massive void in my life and now I have to start filling it with sweet memories.

Coffee time will not be the same without you.

Rest in Peace Γλυκιά μου Μάνα 💔💜

Sany Tzevakos
Sany Tzevakos
1 year ago

Mum, today we will celebrate your birthday for the first time without you.

It should have been a joyous day but it will instead be a gathering to honour your memory.

You are loved so much and missed every moment.

Tears will flow but love will fill our hearts, that’s what will help us get through today.

Miss you every minute Mum. 💔🙏